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• Electronic Descaler (No Salt Required) Water Conditioners
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• Sulphur System (Chemical Free Units)
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Ottawa Water Treatment

Water Treatment
Ottawa, Ontario
Metcalfe Water Conditioning & Plumbing

Ottawa Water Softeners

We install Water softeners in Ottawa and surrounding areas, submersible pumps, jet pumps, pressure tanks, clean water wells. We also install chemical free iron filters and no salt water softeners called scaleblaster.

Take a look at the family of Petwa® Softeners and Filters and make the right choice.

A quality water system manufactured by Petwa Ltd. will improve your water and benefit your home or office.

Our systems feature the new Logix™ controller supported by Pentair Water.

Proven time and time again to be a leader in technology and customer support.

Softer, Cleaner Laundry

Saves Salt

The Calendar Clock Series

The Logix™ 740 valve takes a calendar clock and adds state of the art electronics to give you all the reliability that you need with the simplicity of a clock control.

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