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Ottawa Water Treatment

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Ottawa Water Softeners

Water softening in Ottawa is the reduction of calcium, magnesium, and other metals caught in hard water. The presence of certain metal ions in water can cause a variety of different problems throughout a home or business. They lead to the build up of lime scale, which can make a muck of plumbing and cause galvanic corrosion. The resulting soft water is more compatible with soap and extends the lifetime of plumbing. Water softening is usually achieved using ion-exchange resins that can include the addition of salt designed specifically for water softeners.

Ottawa Water Filters

Using a water filter in Ottawa will remove impurities from the water by way of a physical filter made of fine screens, a chemical process or a biological process. Water filters will cleanse the water to different extents for a multitude of purposes such as irrigation, drinking water, aquariums, and swimming pools. Different filters will filter out different particle sizes so be sure to use the correct filter for your desired use.

Ottawa Water Treatment

As an essential process, water treatment in Ottawa is essential to make water acceptable for a desired use such as creating drinking water, industrial, medical and other uses. The goal of any water treatment process is to remove potentially harmful existing contaminants in the water, or reduce the concentration of such contaminants so the water becomes potable. One such use is returning water that has been used back into the natural environment without adverse ecological impact.

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About Ottawa Water Treatment

We are a Canadian Water Treatment Company in Ottawa focused on improving the quality of water for all of our customers in Ottawa and Ontario. We operate in Ottawa and across Canada, servicing the rapidly growing residential and commercial water treatment industries.

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Ottawa Water Treatment Services

Through the years, we have grown to become a major assembler and distributor of iron filters, sulphur filters, water inspection water softeners, specialty filters, drinking water products and customized commercial water treatment systems.

Ottawa Water Treatment Products

Our products include residential softeners, filters and drinking water systems as well as commercial softener, filters and reverse osmosis systems.